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I May Be in Huge Trouble. Please Watch My Back

My name is Robert Chrysler. Iam a 39 year old male from Toronto, Canada. (Born November 21st, 1967 in Hamilton, Ontario to Judith Claudette Hendsbee).

On Thursday April26th/Friday April 27th, I was coerced/kidnapped by a man wielding what he led me to believe was HIV-tainted blood into a horrifying night of fear and psychological torture. I was taken upstairs to an apartment on the south side of Queen St., just east of Bathurst, beside Suspect Video.

The man who initially took me there gave his name as Mark (probably a fake). He is caucasian with light brown hair. He is of medium height with a very stocky, muscular build. He said at one point that he is 46-49 years old and that he did prison-time once for kidnapping/forcible confinement. He should be seen on video with me at the ATM machine at Spadina/Adelaide or Richmond (not sure of exact location) during early Friday morning when he "escorted" me there to get more money out of me from my bank account.

When we first arrived at the apartment, there was a brown-skinned girl with a British accent already there. She went by the name "English" (probably also fake). She is apparently the kept girl-friend of the shop owner downstairs, who lets her use the place to turn tricks. We were soon joined by a brunette with long hair named "Dread" (although he has no dreadlocks as of this writing). He is someone I recognize as a regular at that corner (Bathurst and Queen), a known drug-addict. He looks Native American, but he said during the course of the evening that he really isn't, that he often pretends to be when he gets busted so he can go to Native Court.

They made it very clear to me that I should buy crack-cocaine from them as they needed cash. Their demeanour went from friendly to threatening at various points during the night. I kept buying because I believed that if I didn't, they would beat me, or stick me with the needle, or both. They eventually got 400 dollars out of me before my ordeal ended.

However, before I was allowed to go, a few things happened that have me frightened to death. Earlier in the night, before we got to the apartment, it came out during conversation that I work for Shoppers Drug Mart at Parliament and Queen. Basically, Dread and Mark wanted me to steal 1000 oxycotins from work. Mark told me that he was very well-connected in the world of crime and that if I didn't, he would "get me." Terrified, just hoping to get out of the situation alive, I agreed to the deal. I even played along that I wanted to do so because I needed the money in the hope of winning their trust and mercy. So, the deal was that I was to contact Mark the next day by cell-phone to recover 80 dollars he "borrowed" from me (he said that he could beat me to death and just take it anyway if that was what I wanted), as well as to confirm that I would steal 1000 oxycotins from work, meet him at The Coffee Time near my work and be paid 2000 dollars.

The cellphone number he gave at first was: 647-236-4747. I took Friday off work and didn't phone him as agreed. When I went to work Saturday, though, I received the message that a "friend" had called Friday, said he was grateful for the "loan" and he would pay me back if I contacted him at: 647-341-3151. I arrived at work early, so that I could leave earlier than the time we were supposed to meet. I didn't call him at all, so I spent the night in fear at the Maxwell meighen Center on Sherbourne St. because he said he didn't need to see me to get me. He also said prison doesn't frighten him because he rules inside.

Iam terrified of him and his connections.

Moreover, I fear that during the night, I was exposed to tainted blood surreptitiously. At one point, I looked down at my left hand and noticed that a quantity of blod had gotten on it somehow. I was shocked and washed it in the sink without knowing how long it had been there. I suspect that I was manipulated into somehow placing my hand into it without noticing, or that I scraped my hand along blood left on the railing bannister without feeling it.

This scares me a great deal, as I now suspect I was either deliberately infected, OR they were all somehow trying to set me up for a crime I didn't commit by planting what could possibly be evidence on me. Also, my fingerprints would be around the apartment, as I was allowed to move relatively freely, with the understanding that the door downstairs was locked, and even if I did get out, one of Mark's "soldiers" would get me. And there would be traces of my DNA from my hair, cigarette butts and the crack-pipe I smoked.

Although Iam terrified, I feel reporting this to the public at large and the authorities is my only course of action. If anything terrible happens to me, I want for there to be some sort of record of my side of the story as to what really transpired that night for possible investigative leads to the truth.

Iam asking those who know me, those who care what happens to me, to simply copy this text down and keep a record of it in case Iam no longer able to speak for myself.

Please have my back in any way you can because Iam relatively isolated and alone in this.
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